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Analytical and irreverent, Mia narrates her family’s investigation after her father goes for a walk and never returns. The only witness, her brother, has Angelman syndrome and cannot speak. Set during the early pandemic, this riveting missing-person thriller is really a meditation on happiness that illuminates the power of language and challenges readers’ stereotypes about people with disabilities.

Review of “Happiness Falls” by Angie Kim
Serena Puang for People Magazine September 4, 2023
Page spread of people magaine sept 4 edition. Happiness Falls is featured as book of the week

In 17th-century India, woodworker Abbas carves an automation of a tiger attacking a British soldier, an object with which his fate seems entwined. Spanning 50 years and two continents, this rich, compelling novel offers an unflinching look at the violence of imperialism.

Review of “LOOT” by Tania James
Serena Puang for People Magazine June 19, 2023

A beekeeper’s son, a former prodigy, an old friend and a music store worker intersect at an ultra-competitive international piano competition in Japan. Onda’s rich descriptions capture often elusive topics—music and longing—and bring the classical repertoire to vivid life.

Review of “Honeybees and Distant Thunder”
Serena Puang for People Magazine May 15, 2023