Living With Aphantasia, the Inability to Make Mental Images
New York Times
A dystopian America that feels close to home
Boston Globe
"I had to choose between my education and my safety"
YDN Investigations
Affirmative Action Is in Peril and ‘Model Minority’ Stories Don’t Help
New York Times

Serena Puang’s Work

Serena Puang is a freelance journalist who writes about accessibility, culture, language, education, and their intersections. She is currently based in Seoul, South Korea. If you’d like to pitch me a book, please read more about my book preferences here.

You can get in touch here.

Feature writing:

First person reported features

Straight reported features:


I also wrote a bi-weekly column about books and culture for the Yale Daily News called “Reading the Room.” It’s recently found it’s new home at SPRHDRS.

Essays/Cultural Criticism:

Boston Globe

During my 12 weeks in Boston, I wrote over twenty stories ranging from Q&As (I interviewed Chris Evan about “Lightyear” and his viral Boston accent slip) to in depth reported features (my favorites linked below). In addition to pitching over half my own stories, I also pitched, reported, and produced a reported audio feature about English teachers of color in Asia as part of the AAJA Voices program. If you want more information about my time in Boston, you can check out this archive of my work or my Boston Globe author page.


At IndyStar, I had the pleasure of previewing John Green’s new book, writing about the state fair, and so much more. During my internship, I primarily focused on underserved communities, and I developed my style of intensely reported service journalism. For more of my stories from IndyStar, check out my author page.

But can you write fast?

Though my freelancing and internships have focused on feature writing and cultural criticism, I have worked some breaking news shifts and been sent out for man-on-the-street reporting. Here are some stories I wrote in a couple of hours.