Hi! If you’re here because you saw me/my social media profile at the National AAJA Convention, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Serena Puang, and I’m a rising senior at Yale University.

This summer, I’m covering arts/entertainment for the Boston Globe. I’m also a VOICES audio fellow, and I’ll be presenting my project on the discrimination faced by people of color in the English teaching industry in Asia on Saturday.

I’m primarily interested in culture/education feature writing and cultural criticism, and I’ll be job hunting in the fall while writing a journalistic anthology/thesis on Asian American representation in popular media. 

Thoughts on the topic and suggestions on who to reach out to are very welcome. And if you’re at the conference, I’d love to meet you!

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Read or listen to my Voices project here. Otherwise, catch me @serenapuang on Twitter or wandering in search of the nearest local independent bookstore.

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